Best Seafood Restaurant in Miami

Come and enjoy an exceptional dining experience!

Our experience and background in Commercial Fishing is the key to Casablanca Seafood’s success. South Florida’s best seafood comes in daily from our boats. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!

– Lazaro Sanchez, Owner

If you think that you’ve had fresh seafood, just wait until you’ve dined at the best seafood restaurant in Miami. We have two espectacular locations. One on the beautiful, historic Miami River with a spectacular view of the illuminated Downtown Miami and the other, our new location, overlooking Miami’s Beautiful Biscayne Bay.  We offer everything: five star ambience, breathtaking views, attentive and personable waiters, and fresh fish personally caught by our crew of fishermen. We are fortunate enough to possess our own fleet of commercial fishing boats so that we can guarantee diners in our restaurant get the best catch of the day. We can also provide other restaurants and retailers in the region with the freshest local catch via the Casablanca Fish Market. Anything that you see at the Casablanca Fish Market can be ordered at Casablanca at The Grand!

Our access to the marina and having a crew of professional fisherman at our disposal allows us to have an unprecedented control over the supply of food in our restaurant. If we’re running low on an ingredient, then we can easily request our team to go out and fish us some more – at no further cost to you! We can also offer items that may not be “in season” year round. Additionally, we firmly believe in working alongside our employees and have made it a point to do so. With over 30 years of experience in the seafood insdustry– this allows us to adhere to the strictest of quality control standards; anything that’s fished, packed, cut, or sold will be have the oversight of an authority in the business. We make sure that only the freshest, top tier ingredients are available for you to purchase or request.